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The 2017 Virtual Ergonomics Summit

In A World That Is Sitting Down, Who Will Stand Up For Them?


The Agenda (more details below):

  • Day 1 | Thursday May 18th 2017
  • Day 2 | Friday May 19th 2017
  • Day 3 | Saturday May 20th 2017

Virtual Ergonomics Summit

Lifetime Access PLUS $2,000 in bonuses!

2500+ Attendees Expected

16+ Ergonomic Experts

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2017/05/20 23:59:59

Virtual Ergonomics Summit

World's LARGEST Online Ergonomic Summit

3 Days | 16 Ergonomic Experts | May 18th – 20th

Six Powerful Ergonomic Categories With IMMEDIATE Implementation

Topics Discussed:

  • Ergonomics From A Biomechanical Perspective
  • Brained Based Ergonomic Approaches (First Look)
  • Theory Of Ergonomics & Why It Is So Important
  • The Public Health Impact Of Ergonomics
  • How To Use Ergonomics with your clients
  • Practical Aspect of Communicating Ergonomics

Summit Speakers

Summit Host


Founder of The American Posture Institute & President Of The Council On Human Function


Virtual Ergonomics Summit

Lifetime Access PLUS $2,000 in bonuses!